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    Mission Statement

    The Los Santos Police Department strives to provide adequate resources in the action of protecting life, liberty, and property, providing these services with respect, compassion, and integrity.

    Police Department Command Staff

    Chief - J. Pitt

    Deputy Chief - Vacant

    Assistant Chief of Operations - Vacant

    Assistant Chief of Administration & Professional Standards - Vacant

    Captain of Special Operations - Vacant

    Our Subdivisions!

    Our department has many subdivisions within to allow our members to expand their knowledge and allow us to properly handle any situation at hand!

    Traffic Support Bureau


    The Los Santos Police Traffic Safety Bureau strives to enforce various traffic laws in order to promote safety across the roadways of Los Santos. This includes but is not limited to sobriety tests, speed enforcement, vehicle inspections, and DUI checkpoints along with other various pieces of training to better prepare officers for traffic situations. As a member of the Traffic Service Unit, you are expected to understand and comply with San Andreas State Code of Law. And to familiarize yourself specifically with the traffic law section. In the TSU division, units will be trained on how to properly handle vehicle accidents, advanced pursuit techniques, how to observe and test if someone is under the influence, and how to safely and effectively drive a motorcycle. TSU members will strictly stay on the highways within city limits. Units are allowed to respond to city roads if there is an accident, or if they are requested by dispatch or another unit..

    Canine Bureau

    Our objective in the K-9 specialty division is to enforce the laws of San Andreas with the assistance of our canine workers. Their abilities will be utilized to go above and beyond the strengths of the officers around them. They will locate drugs, bombs, weapons, victims, and suspects all for the purpose of protecting the citizens of Los Santos, San Andreas.

    Los Santos Investigations Bureau


    LSPD Investigations aims to serve the citizens of Los Santos. Our objective is to investigate and solve crimes across the city.

    Metro SWAT

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    Chain of Command


    The Chief is at the top of the Chain of Command. They oversee the whole department and make sure it is operating to its full potential.

    Deputy Chief

    The Deputy Chief is appointed by the Chief. The Deputy Chief works hand in hand with the Chief and holds the same power as the Chief. They are a departmental admin and assist the Chief in making final decisions within the department.


    The Commander oversees the day to day operations within the Los Santos Police Department. They are also the start of the department administration and help the Chief and Deputy Chief make decisions. They play a crucial role in ensuring the department's operations and functionality while working alongside lower command and CoC.


    The Captain will oversee normal patrol deputies and the supervisors of the Los Santos Police Department. They overlook all subdivisions and the certifications within the Los Santos Police Department. They play a vital role in ensuring the success of the department and its inner workings.


    A Lieutenant is responsible for making sure the department flows smoothly and ensure the Supervisors are on task and making sure they are all on the same page. They oversee the supervisors, assist them with anything they may need or take it up the chain if required.

    Staff Sergeant

    A Staff Sergeant is appointed when the command staff has seen them excel as a sergeant and have demonstrated that they are ready, and have proved that they should move up. A Staff Sergeant should assist and mentor the new Sergeants on how to perform their duties as a supervisor


    A Sergeant is the very first supervisor position within the Los Santos Police Department. They are expected to be able to assist all Officers with any of their questions or concerns in and out of game. They will help relay information to their superiors as needed. .They must demonstrate their abilities, such as leadership, teamwork, respect, passion both in and out of patrol.

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