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  • SA'F

    Mission Statement

    The San Andreas Emergency Medical Service is committed to saving lives and promoting health. SAEMS offers compassionate and timely care, driven by caring and devoted staff. We strive to be the state's most trusted asset in emergency medical response, making a positive impact to our community through skill, compassion, and integrity.

    SAEMS Executive Chief Officer Staff

    Chief of EMS - [EMS 1] T. Shaw

    Deputy Chief of EMS - [EMS 2] Vacant

    Assistant Chief of EMS - [EMS 3] Vacant

    SAEMS Field Chief Officer Staff

    Operations Chief - [Ops. 1] Vacant

    District Chief - [Dist. 1] Vacant

    District Chief - [Dist. 2] Vacant

    Our Department Divisions!

    Our department has many divisional aspects within to allow our members to expand their knowledge and allow us to properly handle any situation at hand!

    Training & Development

    Director of Training & Development - Lieutenant C. Johannes

    Assistant Director of Training & Development - Vacant


    The Training and Development Division stands as a cornerstone for shaping the future of our medical personnel. This division operates with a dual-pronged approach, splitting its focus between two integral roles: Certified Medical Instructor's (CMI) and Field Training Officer's (FTO). CMI's specialise in comprehensive classroom training. Crafting detailed curricula, developing innovative teaching methodologies, and delivering lectures that cover the vast spectrum of medical techniques, protocols, and theoretical frameworks. FTO's are the embodiment of hands-on experience and practical application. Providing invaluable guidance, allowing trainees to immerse themselves in actual emergency situations, honing their skills, decision-making, and adaptability under the intense pressures of the field.

    Rapid Response Unit

    Head Rapid Response Paramedic - Lieutenant K. Kaid

    Lead Rapid Response Paramedic - Vacant


    The Rapid Response Unit is a team of dedicated healthcare professionals, who are designed to provide swift and effective responses to various types of emergencies. The Rapid Response Unit works alongside Critical Care paramedics to bring advanced medical expertise, specialized equipment, and rapid interventions to the scene of medical emergencies, ensuring the highest level of care and improving the chances of positive patient outcomes.

    AirMed Division

    Director of AirMed Operations -Captain S. Kaylen


    The primary mission of the AirMed division is to guarantee swift and effective transportation of critically ill or injured patients from emergency scenes. Additionally, the AirMed division provides support for inter-facility transports.

    Special Operations Response Team

    Special Operations Response Team Commander - Lieutenant C. Bradford


    The Special Operations Response Team is comprised of specialist technicians trained in search and rescue, high angle rescue, low angle rescue and other specialized operations. SORT technicians undergo rigorous training to develop expertise in various environments and situations, allowing them to respond effectively to emergencies and save lives in challenging conditions. They are equipped with advanced equipment and tools tailored to their specific areas of expertise, enabling them to perform intricate and high-risk operations with precision and efficiency.

  • Our Chain of Command

    Chief of EMS

    The Chief of SAEMS is the highest ranking official of the department. As the head of the department, they oversee and monitor the entirety of the operations within the department to ensure the success of their department as a whole. Responsible for making the most difficult decisions when necessary and ultimately the last line of disciplinary action.

    Deputy Chief of EMS

    The Deputy Chief is the second highest authority of the department. Acting as the Chief’s right-hand and ensuring that if a matter is to be brought to the EMS Chief, it is done purely within reason and if the Deputy Chief cannot handle said matter. The Deputy Chief oversees the CoC, alongside the Assistant Chief, to ensure that all Field Officers are working as expected and all duties for the Chain of Command are performed in full.

    Assiatant Chief of EMS

    The Assistant Chief is the third highest authority of the department, with responsibilities similar to that of the Deputy Chief, they oversee the department along with the Deputy Chief, and also are involved with discussions concerning the most important decisions to be made concerning the department and its overall future as well as concerned with overseeing and managing the San Andreas Emergency Medical Services under the Deputy Chief and Chief. The Assistant Chief Directly oversees Operations of the Operations Chief.

    Operations Chief

    The Operations Chief is the highest authority within the field operations sector, as they are the head of all field operations within the department. They oversee the daily functions of field operations, the district chiefs, and ensure all divisions and districts are operating efficiently.

    District Chief

    The District Chiefs are the first line of the Chief Officer core, overseeing that the general duties of the Field Officers are fulfilled as well as assisting the five highest Chief Officers (EMS Chief, Deputy EMS Chief, Assistant EMS Chief, & Operations Chief) in crucial tasks to be undertaken. District Chiefs are assigned to a specific district in the State of San Andreas to ensure management of stations when on shift and the first line in major disciplinary reprimand when it goes beyond a Field Officer, or the first line in reporting a Field Officer.


    The EMS Captain role is the highest ranking Field Officer position one can accomplish before reaching the rank of District Chief. It is also the highest ranking position a secondary CoC individual can obtain. The EMS Captain, alongside the EMS Lieutenant, oversees the daily operations and personnel of the department - ensuring that S.O.P Policy and Guidelines are thoroughly enforced. They also partake in voting for general decisions made for the department.


    The EMS Lieutenant role is the first ranking Field Officer position one can obtain. This is the beginning of the CoC to be followed by all members below and all requests and other such issues should pass by the Lieutenant. Lieutenants partake in voting in on general matters of the department and are the first line in disciplinary reprimand.

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