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San Andreas' Finest Community FAQs

S. Faiz

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Here is a few FAQs questions in regards to the San Andreas' Finest Role-Play Community


1. Does the dispatch department require a copy of Grand Theft Auto V?

- Yes, you will need a copy of Grand Theft Auto V to apply for Dispatch Department.

2. Can you have a secondary department?

- Yes, if you meet the minimum requirements for your primary department, then you are eligible to apply for a secondary department.

3. How do you join the State Department?

- In order to join the State Department, you must have prior LEO experience within the SA'F community, as well as be in good behavioral and attendance standing. You cannot apply for the department as an external member.

4. How do I know if departments are open?

- You can check what departments are open by clicking the "Apply" button at the top of the page to visit our application website, where openings are posted. You can also check our social media accounts to see what departments are currently hiring/when they will be hiring.

5. What if my app is denied?

- Do not worry, you will be able to reapply after a 30 day time period.  We recommend you work on improving what is needed from your previous application so that you may have a better opportunity to get in.

6. Is there an attendance requirement?

- Yes, all departments within the community have a attendance requirement: 2 patrols each week for minimum of 1 hour each patrol. This requirement is subject to change per department.

7. Is patrol 24/7 in SA'F?

- No, we have a set patrol time in the community, which is 6:00 PM EST, or 5:00 PM CST.

8. Who is the owner of SA'F?

- SA'F has no owners, it is ran by a group of community managers.

9. What form of communication system do we use?

- In SA'F we use both Discord and TeamSpeak platforms. For normal conversation and communication, we utilize discord, and for patrols we utilize TeamSpeak for our patrols.

10. What is SA'F media policy?

- SA'F allows you to record and stream patrols without any requirements of rank, in accordance with the rules of our streaming policy. Do keep in mind, we are not here to support your content creation or streaming careers. You can find our SA'F Streaming and Recording policy here, Link.

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